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Team Accomplishments

August Cup 2018 Champions


Darinko Frajicic

  • Coached for 2 years in Germany and 5 years in the USA.
  •  Licenses Held: 
    •  Held a license in Germany for A,B,C, youth, which means 9-18 years of age.
  • Played in Werdev Bremen Youth. Academy A-youth team for 2 years then for 1 year on a B team. 
  •  Offering 1 on 1 coaching as well as speed and agility training with kids all ages and skills who are willing to become better players and better as young people. Coach Frajcici also runs a summer soccer camp every year in July.
  •  Email:  Darinko30@hotmail.com
  •  Phone Number 717-226-9217

Dolly Armstrong – Assistant Coach

Amy Dubois – Parent Manager