Team Credentials

  • Ranked as a top team in the State
  • Ranked within the top 50 teams for Region I (VA – Maine)
  • Currently Ranked 115 in the Nation among all U – 14 teams
  • Qualify and compete in all top regional tournaments (within the first few brackets)
  • Qualify and compete in the top division of EDP league
  • Most of our boys are in 8th grade with a few in 7th
  • Attracting players to our team from an hour + radius

Coaching Outlook/Philosophy

I have been coaching college soccer for 24 years and most of the boys on this team are starting to express aspirations of playing collegiately. I am excited to help these boys’ transition into young men, guide them into and thru their high school / club soccer journey, and help them pursue their college academic / athletic goals.

This team is playing at a very good level and is the best team in this age bracket in the south-central PA area. We have strong technical players with good tactical understanding. They have a passion to work hard and are working to understand the commitment required (physical and psychological) to pursue the next level of success as a club team and therefore, give themselves good opportunities to pursue their college aspirations.

We play a possession-based style of play with 5 key pillars that set our foundation.

  • Communication
  • Tactical awareness / purpose
  • Spacing and special awareness
  • Timing of movements and movement off the ball
  • Speed of play / ball movement (2 – 3 touch pace)

All trainings and conversations have these pillars as our platform / foundation and help progress the boys forward as a cohesive program.

Training Regimen

At the current age we are training 2 / 3 times per week in the fall. Training twice a week during the winter months and will be training 2 / 3 times per week during the spring season (depending on school ball conflicts along with physical wear and tear)

During the summer months- I provide the boys with a complete strength and conditioning regimen (age appropriate) so they can work at improving strength, agility, footwork, and speed as they are growing over the next few years.

As we move into the next phase of High School ball / club ball, we will meet a few times in October for video review. We will train 2 /3 times per week once H.S ball is done, 2 / 3 times per week over the winter months, and 2 / 3 times per week during the spring segment.

Competition Schedule

EDP League

Spring tournament schedule:
FC Europa
Jefferson Cup
Potomac Memorial
MAC Cup or EDP Cup

Team Accomplishments

Bethesda Premier Cup 2018 Champion
EDP Fall Cup 2018 semi-finalist
EDP League 2018 – 1st place



Eagle FC

Brian Redding

Coaching for 24 years

Licenses held: Advanced National Certificate

Played college soccer from 1989-1992 and semi-pro from 1993-1995
Head mens soccer coach at Dickinson College for 15 years, coaching college soccer for 24 years, ODP coach

Assistant Coaches
Eric Snyder
Do Sunho

Team Manager
Renee Kulp