The HMMS Eagle FC Force were finalist at the Eastern Region President’s Cup Tournament in Barboursville, WV on Monday June 18. The team defeated state champions from New Hampshire by an impressive 7-0 score, and Maryland champ Bethesda by a score of 4-0 on Saturday. They faced the state champion from Arlington, VA on Sunday morning, defeating that team in a come from behind victory by a score of 3-2, to advance to the semifinal. Goals were scored by Ethan Hagy (4), Coy Rush (3),  Jacob Rossow (2), Jake Nickel (2), Will Gallagher, Avery Warrick, Eric Kimmett, and goalkeeper Charlie Irving.
On Sunday afternoon, the Force faced Maryland finalist Pipeline in a match that was deemed the most dramatic of the tournament. In grueling heat, the Force went up 1-0 in the first half with a penalty kick by Patryk Nitecki. After defending several shots by Pipeline, the Force conceded one goal off a bobbled cross, and went into the half tied at one. After 95 minutes of play, the Force made the strategic decision to sub out starting goalkeeper Charlie Irving for the second overtime period. The Force conceded a second goal in the second overtime period and were behind 1-2 until defender William Gallagher carried the ball from end to end, and placed a perfect shot into the Pipeline goal, sending the game to kicks from the mark. The late goalkeeper substitution proved to be a wise strategic move, as 6’ 5” goalkeeper Patrick Algatt stopped the first and third shots by Pipeline, sending them home, as the Force advanced to the final on Monday morning.
In a rematch of the state final, the Force faced the VE Green Gunners of PA-E. The Gunners scored early, but the Force continued to rally. In the second half, a penalty kick by VE put them behind 0-2, and a third goal put the game out of their reach. The Force was relentless against a very strong defense, but finally got on the scoreboard late in the second half. The championship match ended with a score of 1-3.