Congratulations to the 2002 Eagle FC Force who won the top flight at the Pa Classics Challenger Invitational last weekend.    The team is coached by Lester Felician with his assistants, Juliusz Nitecki and Bruce Doupe.

Players: (Front Row) Nick Zonarich, Patryk Nitecki, Samuel Lundblad (Captain), Luke Henry, Coy Rush, Zachary Doupe (Captain), Devan Drendall, Jake Nickel.  (Back Row) – Coach Lester, Charlie Irving (Captain), Coach Julek, Caleb Brown, Philip Lundblad, Daniel Erickson, Ethan Hagy, Will Gallagher, Patrick Algatt, Avery Warrick, Eric Kimmett, Jake Rossow, Coach Bruce.

The team will be competing in the President’s Cup Championship this weekend.  Good Luck team!