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HMMS Board Members

President Newton Glenn president@hmms-soccer.org
VP of Travel Penica  Jay travelvp@hmms-soccer.org
VP of Recreational McKenrick Matthew recreationalvp@hmms-soccer.org
VP of Procurement Gallup Michael vpprocurement@hmms-soccer.org
VP of Fields Selan Robert vpfields@hmms-soccer.org
Secretary Hodgson Christina secretary@hmms-soccer.org
Treasurer OPEN treasurer@hmms-soccer.org
Past President Durle John pastpresident@hmms-soccer.org
Club Administrator Campbell Wendy clubadmin@hmms-soccer.org
Director of Coaching DiFlorio Gino coachingdirector@hmms-soccer.org
U06 AGC Smith Tara u6agc@hmms-soccer.org
U08 Girls AGC Price Jennifer u8girlsagc@hmms-soccer.org
U08 Boys AGC Fahnestock Kelly u8boysagc@hmms-soccer.org
U10 Girls AGC Milbrand Bradley u10girlsagc@hmms-soccer.org
U12 Girls AGC OPEN u12girlsagc@hmms-soccer.org
U14-U19 Girls AGC Braught William u14u19girlsagc@hmms-soccer.org
U10 Boys AGC Fahnestock Kelly u10boysagc@hmms-soccer.org
U12 Boys AGC Keitel Karen u12boysagc@hmms-soccer.org
U14 Boys AGC Clark Rodney u14boysagc@hmms-soccer.org
U19 Boys AGC Clark Rodney u19boysagc@hmms-soccer.org
EAGLE FC Rep. Snyder Steve eaglefcrep@hmms-soccer.org
TOPS Coordinator Bowman Eric topscoordinator@hmms-soccer.org
Rec. Referee Coord. Stanko Scott recrefcoordinator@hmms-soccer.org
Webmaster Swope Vicki webmaster@hmms-soccer.org