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Apr, 2014

Fields and Volunteer Coordinators Needed!

As you probably know, HMMS is a volunteer organization, so it takes the efforts of a lot of good people to do what we do.  We're one of the largest clubs in EPYSA, which is itself the largest youth sports organization in America, so our continued success speaks volumes about what our members do. 

In order to keep things running smoothly, we're looking for two more good people to step up and help by filling two important positions: Fields Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.  Both positions report to the Executive Board, and are an important part of our mission to teach children the game of soccer. 

The volunteer coordinator is responsible for contacting volunteer members and asking them to assist at events like registration, tournaments, the golf tournament, etc. 

The fields coordinator is responsible for checking on the many fields HMMS plays on, and working with other volunteers, to make sure they get lined, nets get repaired, and the fields are ready for play.

Please take a moment to consider if you are willing to step into either role.  The Executive Board will do everything in their power to train and assist the people who take over these positions.

More importantly, you'll be making it possible for the over 1800 children who play for HMMS have the best season possible.

If you're interested in either position, please contact Wendy Campbell at

Thanks so much in advance, and thanks for being part of what makes HMMS so great.
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